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Web Design


This is not a stock image but it’s created layer by layer.

There are many theories to realize a good website but all of them are pointed to have as many visualization as possible and hold people inside web pages until they create a contact by email or message, because a website is like a shop window: it pushes new clients inside and help usual clients to find your products and/or yur services.

Personally I use the theory of less click as possible because it’s important to have profit by that specific moment when a person become a possible client because he’s interested to some offer or product or service. My web designer way is to put best information in the homepage and give an input to people. Usually a good slider with ad hoc slides created could be a good lighthouse to attract couriosity and possible clients. This is the reason why I try to have a contact form in every page of the website, because if I’m the client and I have that moment when I decide to really want some products or services, I’d like to write immediately without waste time to scroll the page, find the contact us, enter inside it and compile the form. If I have my contact form directly inside the page that I feel interesting I save at least three clicks and relative time.

I apply this type of theory to every type of website. I know to create static websites (HTML, HTML 5, CSS3 and Jquery) and CMS dynamic websites (WordPress, Joomla, etc) and for both I use to give that type of result.

Below you can find some example of websites actually online and you can find an example about a mockup realized with HTML and Jquery to show to the client how it works online HERE.


This is a website for a cleaning company “Gruppo Multiservizi” that works in Rome. It is a CMS dynamic website and I decided to use a clean style to give to the possible clients the image of clean and fresh. Below to the slider there’re offer and a contact form to invite people to ask information and appointment.


This website is for “Ali di Iside” dance school in Rome. In this case I decided to use the same style about flyers (you can find them in PRINT DESIGN page). The first image of the slider (not this one) is an image that complete the background graphic exactely like the flyer.


This one is a cleaning company named “Come uno specchio” (it means like a mirror) specialized on floors and various materials for floor. I decided to create appositely some background images about three situation inside normal rooms in an house with different floors. My choice was to use complitely blank furniture but to put a realistic material for the floors and give to them the clean view that everyone likes if thinks about their homes. Images are 3D graphic and created with 3DS MAX software.

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