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Personal interests

Everytime it’s hard to talk about personal interests and passion but I think it’s necessary to explain about them to be understood better from the people.


I studied photography principles at the high school and I didn’t stop to do it everytime I had a possibility. Actually I really improved my skills but I don’t think to be real professional yet. I think I need more theory and studies to call myself  a photographer. You could find some of my better shots in the gallery in the end of this page.


As I wrote in the Education page I studied theatre as a professional actor and director. Unfortunately this type of work rest inside passion until you can really use it as a work. So I think I’m a professional actor with a lot of passion. Of course I love to watch theatre show too and it’s really stimulant for me to go and watch show with english language and a different culture to realize them.


I’m a tango dancer since 2011 and in the years I partecipated at many exibitions in Rome and I used to be assistant since 2013.


Since when I was young to write was my little passion. In the years I wrote many thing (poetry and novels) and sometimes my texts were published. Actually I’m the writer for a novel called “Incompiuto” (in english: Incomplete), a noir set in Rome and Florence. I’m working on other publications but it’s not good talk about it before I finish to work on them. Afterall I’m a superstitious person like every theatre actor is.


I started to draw when I was really yooung, around I was six o seven. This passion never abandoned me and it was the reason why I started my painting and graphic studies. You could find some sketches inside the gallery below in this page.


When I was sexteen I started to study piano in private way and to partecipate in a band. My preferit song to play are blues songs or jazz songs. I love armonic re-arrangement and all the passion these two music gendre put inside composition.


I think it could be impossible to be a writer without be a reader too. Books, romances, novels and poetry open your mind and put yourself in a new world, different everytime. This characteristic is foundamental for my work of Creative Designer because improve my way to imaginate and translate ideas in real projects to complete.


Of course I definitely love cinema. I love to make it and watch it. I like many type of movies (from drama to superheroes film) and I spend at least three Saturday afternoon inside that amazing building rich of fantasy and emotions.

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