Creative Designer & Videomaker


1990-95 – Art High school – Vibo Valentia – Italy

In the Art High School I started to study painting and graphic design professionally. I learnt about figures, lighting and way to create realistic images and how to use space with painting skills; in the meantime I learnt about compositing and fonting and various ways to work with printing rules.

1998 – 2D Design Seminar “The art of composition” – Cantanzaro – Italy

My education continued to grow up without public schools because I didn’t believe in italian public school system, so I decided to have my personal and really deep graphic design culture and I started to choose the best private courses where I studied all those things that created my strong skills. This seminar was specific for composition and editing inside the print design field and I learnt different ways to create composition for digital printer or typography.

1999 – 2D Design Seminar “The web designer” – Catanzaro – Italy

In the 1999 I started to approach with the web deisgn field and I learnt the principeles about HTML and CSS, style sheet, etc. I started to work with Adobe Dreamweaver software and to create my first web pages with the table system.

2000 – 2D Design Seminar “Animations for the net” – Catanzaro, Italy

Entering in the new millenium I started to study animation for web. It was the time for Acrobat Flash software (it wasn’t under Adobe software house yet) and website fashion was turned to this type of impressive new technology. 

2002 – 3D Design Seminar “The basics of 3D graphic” – Catanzaro, Italy

3D graphic started to put itself outside in the world and it was a good opportunity to learn something totally new. My studies were on 3D Studio software (actually it’s known as 3DS Max) and we learnt the principles for 3D graphic design and basic animations.

2002-03 – Theatre School “Ribalte”, beginner class of acting and direction – Rome – Italy

I moved to Rome to study professionally acting and directing. I used specially directing studies  to open my mind and my skills to videomaking field.

2003-04 – Theatre School “Ribalte”, advanced class of acting and direction – Rome – Italy

I was really enthusiast about that school and I continued to learn about directing and acting, so I started to partecipate to various projects and theatre and televion works.

2009 – Printer Seminar “Ipc7000Vp Operator Training Course” – Canon School – Milan – Italy

After many years I worked inside a digital printer shop I won a course as printer operator with Canon Italy about the ways to work with Ipc7000 Image Press. There I studied how to print a book or a magazine with digital printer machines and how to calibrate them using the colour theory that explain the difference between CMYK color range and RGB color range.

2011 – Visual FX Seminar “Visual FX for Cinema” – Rome – Italy

After I started some expierence as Video Editor I tried to move my passion on all that is graphic for video: Visual FX. So I learnt about Adobe After Effects principles and we worked on color correction and special fx for cinema. But we studied animation graphic too.

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